Mysterious Returning Receipt

- Anonymous - 
I was the manager and she complained that my cashier must have given her receipt to another customer. The reason behind this is that she wanted a refund but we only give half of the item cost without a receipt. I dug through our trash to look for it and we didn’t have it, so her thought process was that the cashier had gone through an entire new transaction with someone else with the receipt in her hand and gave it to a different customer.
I explained this to her, went back and forth as to why I couldn’t override the register on this and she finally accepted the return at half off.
She then came back five minutes later with the receipt and returned another item, then complained that I wouldn’t do a return for the full price of the first item, even though I had already processed that return.
It got to the point where I ignored her the entire time I did the second return, gave her the money and receipt and walked the hell away from her without a word.

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