Dusty Lawn Mower


I worked at a store that sold zero turn lawnmowers and my job was to put them together, fill them up with gas and oil, test them out all in the heat of summer in the south. So while testing them they could get dusty. But not enough to complain about because after all it’s a lawn mower. This one older gentleman ordered the newest most expensive mower model of the year. So the higher ups told me to treat it with the upmost care. So I did. I was very careful putting it together and I was very meticulous. I got him a full tank of gas, which wasn’t something I had to do. I normally just had to fill it up with a quarter tank to test them and get them on the showroom floor. But I decided to be generous and filled it all the way up. I made sure it had enough oil, just everything was perfect and ready to go. I washed it off too, also didn’t have to do that. But he didn’t come pick it up for a few days after it was ready so I kept it out of the way of everything but it was ready. I tested it every day and made sure it got looked over by my mechanic and myself. When he finally comes to pick it up I loaded it up on his trailer which I also didn’t have to do. I was supposed to just give him the keys but he’s old so I decided to be generous again. I load it up and close his trailer for him and I left back to my work. It was a very busy day and I had other things to do. Not 10 minutes later my manager comes to me and tells me to take it off his trailer because he complained that the gigantic lawnmower that he refused to pick up for several days was dusty. My manager managed to talk him into taking it anyway but after how nice I had tried to be after that experience I will never waste my time being kind to customers

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